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Bobby Petrocelli has been bringing his motivational message to schools, colleges, organizations, professionals and sports teams for more than 20 years.

A Positive Message for Today

Bobby Petrocelli brings his motivational message and programs to hundreds of schools, colleges, corporations, professional sports teams, and organizations every year. These are some examples of his programs.

Bobby Petrocelli, Certified Speaking Professional

Are you a school, college, organization, association, company, or professional sports team looking for something new, exciting and challenging for an upcoming event? Bobby Petrocelli has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people, for more than 20 years, and the response is always the same: excitement. Inquire right now about bringing Bobby to speak.

Schools and Colleges

Programs for schools and colleges

Bobby's life changing story is one of personal triumph - instilling hope and courage in all of us. One night he went to bed in suburban America, a happy man with a loving wife...but when he woke up, dazed in his dining room, his wife lay dead and his life forever changed. The pickup truck that crashed through his bedroom wall was driven by a man with a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit.

Organizations and Associations

Programs for organizations and associations

Discover the power of one decision.

Each life's choice impacts our future. We construct our life's foundation; one brick; one decision; 10 seconds at a time. This presentation provides insight into responsible decision making. The better prepared our foundation is, the greater our chance is for success, significance and fulfillment.


Programs for businesses and corporations

Learn how to bring help instead of hurt to a dying world. Learn to SEIZE the moment! Learn how to empower life instead of death to others in your life with each of your actions, decisions and words.

It is the little things that make the greatest difference. It's the smaller increments of time that have lasting impact! Whatever we put our time in is what we will be successful in.

Professional Sports Teams

Programs for sports teams

Learn how to get the best and make the best of your circumstances. Learn how to face each curveball life throws and hit it with AUTHORITY!

How do we recapture life? Each one of us either have or will experience loss. It's not what others do or don't do to or for you, but HOW YOU REPOND TO YOUR SITUATION!